About us

MYLAXX is set to disrupt and lead a new revolution in online e-commerce. The e-commerce industry was integral in driving mass utilisation of the Internet and it will be no different for the development of the blockchain.
The major motive behind MYLAXX is that large networks of sellers are disappointed when selling products online on centralized marketplaces, due to the high commissions, strict guidelines and strong regulations.

The vision of MYLAXX is to provide a platform that facilitates decentralized commerce that is free to use and sustainable in nature. This vision reaches beyond the core blockchain to include applications and ventures built on top of existing platforms.
The Stars and Space is a good conceptual model. It exists but is unreachable. MYLAXX is the meteor in a groundbreaking technology that will soon hit the earth.

It is our user’s legacy and the roots of MYLAXX; a system of self-governance in the shape of an independent peer to peer network and interaction that reflects nature’s stability.

By 2022, all eCommerce will be Decentralised. MYLAXX to be a pioneer in this space.

Sell Anything Peer-to-Peer
Pay Zero Platform Fees

  • Create a store.

  • Sell whatever you like.

  • Without Middlemen

  • Reach a new audience.

  • Get paid in cryptocurrency

  • Use Escrow Service

  • Get Benefit through the MYLAXX Loyalty Program



    • without any fees (Forever Free)

    • without long registering and verification procedures

    • without complicated product listing procedures

    • without restriction


Run your business by using cryptocurrencies and sell your products or services to a fast-growing community?


    • Sell digital Products or services?

    • Sell or rent your room, flat or house?

    • Sell bikes, cars, and trucks?

    • Sell gold, silver, and jewelry?

    • Sell and buy cryptocurrencies?

    • Sell your not needed stuff